3 events in 24 hours? Yes, we CAN!

24 hours: 3 Events

Capitol Hill Block Party

Boeing China Eastern Delivery

Museum of Flight



What a whirlwind of a weekend! Starting with a sound check for Shacia and Zuri Marley at the Leafly “Vibes” VIP lounge, it was a pleasure working with Bob Marley’s grand daughters again. With the sound check checked off the list, we jetted down to the Museum of Flight for a night filled with a beautiful celebration for China Eastern. After striking that event, we headed back to home base to stage the early morning Boeing delivery for China Eastern’s 20th 777.  With that wrapped up, it was back to Capitol Hill to finish off the weekend listening to great music and enjoying the Jamaican atmosphere in the Marley Naturals/ Leafly Lounge. A big thank you to everyone for all their hard work, long hours, and dedication to their passion.

We call that a success!